How packed food affects our health

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With the increased need for foods items to reduce the progressing battle for hunger, the food production industry has made more technological improvements over the years. By this way, the genetically modified foods are also classified into GMOs. It has changed a way that the humans view their food. Even though the genetic modifications have happened throughout the history with the particular growing and breeding methods, there are a lot of scientific advances which have allowed this wonderful practice to progress to the genetic level.

Whenever you are considering the modern GMO or genetically modified foods, the plants can be resistant to the specific herbicides and pesticides as able to adjust to the today’s changing environmental conditions. The major advantage of the genetically modified foods is that the crop yields become more productive and consistent. At the same time, they allow more numbers of people to be fed. At the same time, they also have a lot of disadvantages.

GMOs disadvantages:

  • GMO crops can cause antibiotic resistance – According to the different researches, when the crops are genetically modified to include the antibiotics and some other items to kill the pests and germs, it will also reduce the effectiveness of the anti-biotic or any other medication necessary. When any organisms consume such kinds of foods with antibiotic, they would be affected by the prescription antibiotic which has built the immunity to it. At the same time, it can also cause the illness to be very difficult to cure.

  • Genes go into various plant species – Generally, the crops share their fields with some other plants such as weeds. When there is a genetic migration occurs, the genes of those crops will also go into the various plant species. If there is an interaction at the cellular level, it might create unexpected complications to the growth of crops in the future.

  • Farmers who grow GMOs have the greater legal liability – The genetically modified crops will create the seeds which are also genetically modified. The cross pollination is highly possible between the non-GMO and GMO crops. By this way, the farmers who are all not involving in growing such genetically modified foods are also mattered to the higher level of the legal liability.

  • Independent research is not allowed – Currently, over six companies control the growth of the genetically modified foods in the market. This is because most of the GMO foods are created from the wheat, corn, soybeans and more. Over half of the amount of seed producers who have made the genetically modified foods market ban any independent research on the finally produced crops in order to protect their revenues.

  • Some GMOs might present a risk of carcinogen exposure – The genetically modified crops to the commercial pesticides are greatly increasing a risk of cancer development in the rats. According to the lots of researchers, the genetically modified foods or GMOs are also potentially risky or hazardous to everyone’s health.

  • Most of the core foods has at least a few levels of the genetically modification – More than 90 % of the commercialized crops including corn, cotton and soybeans are grown at some level of the genetically modification. Even the sugar beets are also grown at the GMO level like some other core foods. This is why all these kinds of foods will make some genetic changes in the consumer’s body.

  • Increased risk of food intolerance and allergies – With the lots of animal testing, the genetically modified foods will cause the bad impacts on the different living organism organs. By this way, they will cause the increase in food intolerance and allergies.

In order to get rid of all these risks and disadvantages, everyone should be aware of planting and using only the naturally grown foods with no genetically modified seeds.

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